Saturday, 1 January 2011

Gold All Over

No joy for the strong draw today, with Stoke City defeating Everton, but winners in the other two recommendations with West Ham United winning at 2.1 and Sunderland at 1.99. A good start to the new year.

Football Elite were also on Sunderland, continuing their good run, and Pete Nordsted's Drawmaster system also picked the Stoke City v Everton game. They also had Birmingham City v Arsenal and tomorrow's Wigan Athletic v Newcastle United.

A good day for favourites in the Premier League today, with all eight winning. It augurs well for Chelsea and Wigan tomorrow.

The Premium Charge avoidance strategy came a cropper when Arsenal opened the scoring at Birmingham before I had layed off on the Next Goal market the 0-0 backed on the Correct Score market. No serious damage though, but a 0-0 in one of these games would be nice!

Three years ago today, I started the year with a £5,105.02 loss. I had finished 2006 on a strong note, and over-confidence got the better of me as I had my worst day ever on the exchanges. It was a good lesson though, if expensive, and after that day, any New Year's Day had better be relatively good!

I'm not sure yet what format to use, but for 2011 I am going to track the value bets I put out on here, along with the results from Peter Nordsted's Drawmaster picks and Football Elite's Recommended Bets. The 'sister' blog is Gold All Over and it is intended solely to be the boring P&L blog based on 1 unit bets and not including commission. I may get bored with it, but we'll see how it goes.

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