Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Pooling Thoughts

I was wondering where the extra 100+ readers a day had come from - over 400 daily for the past week, comapred with just over 300 a day in December. The answer appears to be a post on the Betfair forum from dlarssonf which, in response to another request asking for betting / trading blogs, had this to say:

"Green All Over" is one of the best, Cassini is totally up his own arse though which makes it a bit nauseating sometimes but apart from that, credit where its due, there is some excellent posts.
I think he means there 'are' some excellent posts, but the comment is appreciated. I think.

Blackpool v Liverpool tomorrow night. I hope Mark Iverson won't object to me posting his comment on this game, but I do so because it mirrors mine. Mark wrote:
One thing I do like about following my ratings is that it cuts out the background 'noise' and there's plenty being generated by both these clubs at the minute. Liverpudlians will be hoping for a fairytale start for Dalglish but from what I can make out it could be a difficult trip to the seaside. Both teams have very similar 4 match averages and their home/away form looks on an even keel. So what's the play? I can't rule out Blackpool sneaking this one so I need them onside along with the draw. Conclusion: Lay Liverpool @ 1.98
On the ratings alone, Liverpool are way too short, but of course there is the 'new manager' factor to consider. Blackpool's home form is poor though, but then again so is Liverpool's away form - ranked 17th and 18th respectively. The ratings have this as a strong draw, but like Mark, I want the Blackpool win on my side and a lay of Liverpool looks the value play to me.

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