Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Thanks All Over

Olympique Marseille v Borussia Dortmund - Draw at 3.45 - Over 2.5 is slight value at 2.34.

Valencia v Chelsea - Match Odds prices are almost exactly the same as mine. Over 2.5 is value at 2.2.

Thanks to all those who have shown interest in the XX Draw selections. I have put together a five page sales pitch, I mean 'prospectus', for your reading pleasure, and thanks to those who very generously used the Donate button - at least now I know it works! Seriously, it is appreciated, as is the comment from Mark who wrote:

What is a key element to facilitating long term profit, is touched upon with the FACT that .05-.1 are big ticks and an element of patience can become your biggest ally in beating the odds. Again though, if an edge is to be gotten through self creation, long live the impatient. The blog continues to deliver quality post after post Cassini.
Thanks also to Spad who informed me that the FTS Forum is indeed available to me.

Griff posted his EPL draw picks for this week, and they are Bolton v Chelsea and Fulham v QPR. Chelsea have a game to play, so I can't enter their rating in yet, but Fulham v QPR appears to be a "No Bet" for me. I have Fulham at 2.14 so slight value on the lay, but not enough to qualify as a value selection. Having drawn five games in a row, I can see the appeal of Fulham drawing another one, especially as it is a local derby.


LayThatDraw said...

hi mate, this may be a slightly odd question, but how many markets do you trade/bet on during an average month?
you always read as betting advice that as punters one of our biggest advantages over a bookie is that we can choose when to bet or not to bet; just interesting to see how many bets you make.

thanks, great blog.

Mark James said...

Is it All Over