Friday, 9 September 2011

So Many Questions

P asks:

Any news on the trial NFL trading room that is planned with Mark Iverson?
Yes, the good news is that we are on for this Sunday's Steelers v Ravens game. Details are in Mark's post here.
Are you feeling generous enough to share your weekend XX selections in advance?
Send me an e-mail address, and I might consider it. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I am probably going to stop giving these away for free. 

Unfortunately, you likely won't have time to send me your e-mail before the first of the seven XX selections this weekend kick off in Germany tonight (hint)!
Finally, I wonder if you might consider publishing your own personal top 5 or top 10 best books about sports betting/trading/investing.
No problem here - I can just refer you to this post from March this year. I can't think of any new ones I have read since then, so it's still a complete list.

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Pete Nordsted said...


Just a quick one the ratings on my MLB selections are not performing as they did up to the middle of August as it peaked at around the mid 40 point mark only to come down to around the mid 20s.

My colleague states the following

The last part of the season often provides crazy results. Large part of MLB teams is not 100% result oriented during this period. The teams that have no chance of reaching the playoffs put emphasis on testing new young players, giving inexperienced players more playing time. This significantly impacts the outcome of the game. Then there are teams with secured or almost secured place in playoffs. They are reducing pitch count to their pitching stars to keep them fresh for the playoffs and also they are more often resting hitters.
The last part of the teams are those that are still fighting for the playoff spot and for them we should be "sure" they are giving 100%.

My question is in your opinion when should you stop betting on the MLB