Sunday, 25 September 2011

Late Drama

The 90' goal put in two appearances today in my XX Draw selections, in Mainz and later in Valenciennes. A key match which came up on three radars, Mainz v Borussia Dortmund was a Recommended Bet from Football Elite - with the DNB (Draw No Bet) - and this match came up on the radar as an XX Draw selection, while the Value System also suggested a lay of Borussia Dortmund. Typical then, that Dortmund scored a 90' winner, and all three systems showed a loss on that game.

There was better news from Bavaria, where newly promoted Augsburg held Hannover '96 to a draw, (we finally had an XX Draw winner from outside of England and France), and then the late game between Valenciennes and Olympique Marseille where the home side trailed until the 92' before equalising. Some go for you, some against you, but two winners from three today, and indeed four from the last seven, have improved the ROI to 16.21%. Perhaps I should just stick to France, where the ROI is 120.6%!

Overall, respectable enough, but Pete Nordsted's Drawmaster had two picks today, Wigan Athletic v Tottenham Hotspur (1-2) and Stoke City v Manchester United (1-1) with the latter win lifting his ROI to an even more impressive 37.5%.

Updates on the value bets once the weekend is complete.


BigAl said...


BigAl said...

Sorry, having all sorts of problems with my account. Do you take into account commission on your P/L breakdown on gold all over. Something you said the other day suggested not.

Cassini said...

No - because people are on different commission structures, the P&Ls, like those of other sites, do not include commission.

Griff said...


Just wanted to give you a update on my own draw system. It's just based on the EPL so far this season:

Strike rate 56.25% ROI 97.31%

The back test over the past 3 seaons including also this season so far

Total matches 301

Strike Rate 31.37% ROI: 36.88%

Griff said...

Sorry wrong way around

Strike rate 36.88% ROI 31.37%