Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Forum Classic

The Betfair Forum has a steady supply of posts showing ignorance of basic betting principles, but this one from yesterday was one of the best I've seen for a while. Titled "Hill's coupon with overround of 216%" thearchmeister writes, (with the poor grammar that typically accompanies dumb posts) of

muggy punters in hills shops getting 112% on coupons same selections round to 106% online but this is a whole new level of robbery

paired half time results coupon there are obviously 3 outcomes i)home or draw ii)home or away iii) draw or away

one selection on the coupon has all 3 outcomes at odds on lmao

people ignorant of overrounds really need to be warned
All very well, except that of the three outcomes, only one will lose, which means that the over-round will need to be in excess of 200% if Hill's intend on making a profit from this market, which seems a reasonable assumption. LMAO indeed. People ignorant of overrounds really need to be warned not to write about them on a public forum.

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