Sunday 19 October 2008

Chargers @ Bills

The game on Sky is underway, and it looks like the liquidity on BETDAQ is coming on strong these days. 

Certainly a lot higher than I was expecting. Here are two screenshots taken a few seconds apart early in the game.


Mark Iverson said...

You beat me to it Cassini :-)

I'm giving Betdaq a go tonight and it's nice to see others are too.

All the best,


Cassini said...

Good luck to you too Mark. It's looking a lot better than just a couple of weeks ago.

Jon Weedon said...

Looks good on the face of it but surely it's all about the spread - in this case look at San Diego - 1.94/1.97 gives much more trading opportunitiy than 1.76/1.9, which is way too wide.