Sunday 26 October 2008

Wembley Woes

So much for my plan to back the Chargers at half-time today in the Wembley Stadium game. Receiving the ball first in the second-half, a solid opening drive would have seen them take the lead, but Vincent Jackson couldn't make a catch, and the game turned inexorably away from me.

Money can almost always be made at half-time or late in the first half, by backing the team who will be receiving the ball first coming out for the second half, but in this case greed saw me wait too long to take my profit.

Frustrating for just a few inches to make such a difference, but that's why they call it gambling I guess.

My worst loss of the season, but still healthily in profit overall this year, so I shall take the hit and carry on.

At least the game was an exciting one with a missed extra point, challenges, successful on-side kicks, and even an unusual safety at the end.

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