Sunday 5 October 2008

New Restaurant In Town

There's a small family owned restaurant (Purples) in the town where I live. They've been there a while, but most people have been going to the trendier corporate owned place down the street (Fartibets).

However, the latter have recently upped their prices by up to 20% for some of their best customers.

Not surprisingly some of these customers have started to try the fare at Purples.

Their selections are pretty good, mostly on a par with Fartibets.

For take-aways, there's little to choose between the two, (other than the 20% difference in prices of course). Purples are making changes, and will soon allow patrons to talk to each other.

However, if you choose to eat-in, bear in mind that if you change your mind during the meal, and want to sell your prawn cocktail to someone else while buying a sausage, there may not be the demand in Purples, so it may take longer or may not even be possible.

Purples is getting busier all the time though and may soon need to expand to larger premises.

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