Wednesday 1 October 2008

New Strategy On Over / Under 2.5

Since I have an uncanny knack for backing unders less than a minute before a goal goes in, I have a new plan. Instead of fearing every corner or free-kick just outside the penalty area, I will now boldly back the overs and cheer every goal as it hits the back of the net.

I'm figuring that in televised games, the market will be highly efficient, so bet one today is in the Liverpool v PSV Eindhoven Champions' League fixture. I have laid the under at 1.91 (so why has the price suddenly just dropped to 1.86?) Typical.

Here we go.

Oh, and this is on BETDAQ by the way, where pre kick-off odds are the same as Betfair.

Update: Good start - goal after 4 minutes! Should I lay off? Nah.


Anonymous said...

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Cassini said...

I read this on the forum - it's a site that benefits YOU and it's very poorly designed to be honest. And a 'list' with one name on in isn't going to carry too much weight. But thank you so much for stopping by.