Wednesday 29 October 2008

NBA Is Back

Without a doubt, my favourite trading sport is back today with three games. Trading NBA games in-play is wonderfully exciting with the market quite often "wrong" during games. I have been watching for three seasons now, and learning and improving each year.

Liquidity is generally good, except on nights when most teams are in action when the money can be spread a little thinly, and there is no comparison with ice hockey.

Rather disappointing to see that BETDAQ are not turning these games in-play, but I will be placing my occasional straight punts on there.

Who will win the NBA Championship this year? My fancy is last year's losing finalists the Lakers (4.6 to win the NBA championship) in the strong West, with the Spurs (14) and the Suns (20) safe lays.

In the East, my lay is the Celtics (4.7). It's been a few years since a champion has repeated, and I don't expect Boston to end that sequence. Despite losing their opener, the Cavaliers (18) are good value to again make the play-offs and win the East.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you. Pity that all games are so late at night and with a daily job and a girlfriend to entertain, it's difficult to follow the games and find the value. Lays to the big teams at the beginning of the season are always a good thing, the season is so long that injuries and big trades will always occur and chances to green up before playoffs time is always a good solution.
Like your blog, thank you and good luck


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Roberto,

I have to admit, I've not previously taken an interest in the NBA. Now that you've sparked my interest, where' the best place to see the games?

From your experience, are 'live pictures' delayed?

All the best and thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Roberto, JPG here again! Absolutely right, the NBA is fantastic sport to trade. Both position taking and scalping (if liquidity is of a semi decent standard.)

The main problem though is with live feeds although my style is usually not affected by any delays as I only open and close postions with a 30 sec delay already part of my thought process. Scalping is made harder of course but isnt impossible when you consider there are so many "wrong" prices due to emotional over-reactions.

Cassini said...

Thanks for the comments boys. As JPG says Mark, trying to scalp with live feeds is not the way to go. As with all US Sports, the NBA has frequent stoppages (numerous time-outs, plus end of every quarter) where prices stabilise and that's when I like to look for value. Look for a close game and see how much the prices move on a basket, and there are usually multiple time-outs during those last two minutes.

Mahara - you need to get a girlfriend who understands you need to sleep from 5pm to midnight every day during the season. It's only 8 months...