Sunday 12 October 2008

City Demoted

Some days, 'it' just isn't there. My two big plays of the day were a lay of England at half-time with a view to locking in a profit after 55 minutes which went south with Ferdinand's 52nd minute header. At least my trip to South Africa is looking promising if I can find some winners to pay for it with!

Then I had a bet on Notre Dame to beat North Carolina in the College Football when they were ahead by 2 points at a generous (I thought) 2.2, but with turnovers and very low liquidity on these games, it makes it an uphill task to trade so I ended up letting the bet run and Notre Dame came up just short. C'est la vie as we say in Surrey.

I did mange to find some winners: Florida v LSU, where I was able to green-up, Jamaica v Mexico, (Mexico were too short) and of course Salisbury City v Kettering Town mentioned in a previous post, but overall a losing day - my first of the month. Every cloud has a silver lining though - at least the Premium Charge has been lowered!

Speaking of Salisbury, I'm pleased that it really IS a city. I recently discovered that Brechin and Elgin are not cities at all, despite what their respective football league clubs names are, and I feel a bit cheated! They were cities at one time, but have been demoted to towns along with one other former city in Britain with a league team. Anyone name the town? Or the team?

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