Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Daddy's Back

Call me Brett Favre. I have reconsidered my retirement. I got bored, and besides, how can I let down the sports blogging community when this blog is, according to at least one expert, "the daddy of all sports related blogs and the one that's likely to be going long after most of us have gone to the wall?" The expert has a new blog, which is named "Green Pullover" (no relation) and looks a lot more promising than the average blog if you like your football bets. The name is more than just a nod to this one too.

After reading P's comment, I now feel even worse about my Evian TG error:

Your loyal readers shared your pain with Evian TG, as you said they were a lay in your blog posting. I'm sure you'll find a way to make this up to us all when you return from holiday though, perhaps by offering the NFL in-play service that Scott recommended...

How many people have expressed interest and what would your fee be just out of curiosity?
In future, I'll try to remember to put up the screenshot alongside any commentary, so that if / when I do make a mistake, at least there's a back-up. As for the NFL in-play service, there have been some developments on this idea, so watch this space or check out other well respected blogs for news.

And now, well ahead of schedule, here is an early look at this weekend's Bundesliga games. The Hannover '96 v Hertha Berlin game is subject to change as Hannover play Sevilla in the Europa League on Thursday, and the result may well affect my prices. It's actually rather surprising how firm the prices are for Sunday's game. I have Hannover at 2.65 to beat Sevilla incidentally.
Ignore the colours - they don't mean anything at this stage. It should be possible to better many of the Match Odds prices quoted.

As for Ligue 1, the prices are still not firm at all, but here are my prices Home - Draw - Away. Value bets will be put up later.
And last, but by no means least, here are the early value bets I have for this weekend's EPL games.
Again, a lot of these prices should be beatable, at least on the Back side, and the lay of Manchester United may well become a No Bet as Lay prices may move against us. I'll look at the Under / Overs later. There should be more than enough there to keep you all busy. Finally, here are the XX Draw picks for this weekend:

1 comment:

P said...

Thanks Cassini.

By allowing us to get a jump on the market like this, we hereby forgive you for the Evian TG debacle.

If you could add your upcoming match XX prices to the spreadsheet, that would help us in determining what kind of price is advantageous to shoot for on the exchanges while the markets are still forming.

Hope to see an update on the French value bets soon.

Keep up the good work and enjoy your holiday, which is no doubt well deserved!