Saturday 6 August 2011

Blog Wars

There's a lot of nonsense written on blogs sometimes. Not this one of course, but take this example from The Football Analyst, a blog that I have never even heard of before today, but was brought to my attention by someone searching for "Cassini brilliant best blog ever history of world" on Google. (The lengths some people will go to for hits).
Without sounding like I'm sucking up to my mate Rowan, his blog remains a brilliant read and I've particularly enjoyed the last couple of posts on why we do what we're doing. His blog comments are worth reading too as like this blog, he seems to have an above average IQ reader I suspect. I'm sucking up to my readers now ffs! It rivals Cassini's as the most entertaining blog I think. I best stop the sucking up now......
ffs indeed! Let no one be in any doubt that Green All Over remains peerless, by far the most entertaining, brilliant, stimulating, thoughtful, well-written, amusing and modest blog out there. Mention Rowan to a fellow gambler, and he will think you are referring to the Boat Race. Mention Cassini, and he will immediately recognise you as a fellow well-informed, smart, sophisticated and value-seeking sports investor. There's really no comparison. What a suck-up. "His blog remains a brilliant read" my arse! Brilliant is here - there is no debate.
There does seem to be a difference of opinion between 'speedwave' and Betfair Trading Pro, with the former cautioning:
Be aware as this guy have you on his blog list but he is actually a cheater, he posts fake results which are actually losing ones but he post it as been profitable ! As people register to his FREE TIPS.. email will be full of betting advertising !
Betfair Trading Pro responds with a posting titled "Important Message" which reads:
There is a person who reads this blog and has started to send me constant insults and threats. One of his more moderate threats is that he is going to spread the ‘truth’ about this blog around forums and other websites. From the way he writes I’m guessing that either he is very young and immature, or else he simply has no clue of what trading is and therefore should not be doing it. As I underline in my warnings, trading is difficult and no one should expect that this blog will allow him to become rich. I do not promise exceptional profits; managing a trade is not easy and anyone can make mistakes. Besides, the blog has always been free to use and I never made any money from it; I created it just for fun, not for money, and to be honest when you start to receive insults and threats for offering a free service, you are tempted to stop bothering.

However, I just wanted to remind this person that Blogger stores people’s IPs, and therefore I can identify exactly where he is writing from. I can accept criticisms to improve as a trader but I am not going to tolerate insults and threats. I would rather not have to go to the police, but if he continues this is exactly what I will do, so I would strongly suggest that he stop now.
As a general comment, my opinion of this situation is that anyone who signs up for free tips and thus gives up their e-mail address can hardly be surprised if unwanted e-mails start arriving, but should simply filter them into a Spam folder and ignore them. And if the free tips aren't profitable, that shouldn't be surprising either. Ultimately all bets you place are your responsibility. Betfair trading Pro even has a disclaimer, including:
The tips, views and expressions of are our opinions only and do not constitute guarantees or promises of success in any way, shape or form, implied or otherwise.
What is it with 'we' and 'our' on some of these blogs? While the intent may be to give the impression that several numptys are hard at work behind the scenes, poring over statistics and generating value selections, the result is actually to look rather pretentious - in my opinion.

Something we wish to avoid here at Green All Over, Inc, where we've had problems in the past ourselves with Anonymous comments, and in the end had to block them ourselves, but while they were often insulting comments, we don't recall any being threatening ourselves. As our Customer Service team were too busy taking calls and dealing with inquiries, the comments were referred to our Legal Department for review, but at the Annual General Meeting, it was decided to take the matter no further ourselves, although the PR Department did release a short statement. Since this blog imparts only winning advice and tips, the issue of being threatened over losses is not likely to arise any time soon.
Finally, there is a rumour that Peter Webb's Betfair account has been suspended, pending an inquiry into PC avoidance, and that the Racing Post is interested in the story. If this is indeed true, and perhaps Peter will confirm on his blog at some point, it will guarantee more negative publicity for Betfair and the PC, but the RP may understandably be reluctant to upset one of their big advertisers.

From the world's number one sports investment blog, which incidentally will be taking a well-deserved vacation later this month, and the operation will be closed for business.


Baz said...

Anonymous said, I agree you are wonderful, so wonderful if you were not already married I would marry you myself although you would have to be the woman in any such arrangement!

BTP said...

Hi Cassini, I take the opportunity to comment on your blog for the first time – although I’m among your regular readers. Only one little note on the plural on the disclaimer: no, it wasn’t used to look pretentious – simply, I’m not an English native speaker and I thought that the plural could be used in pieces of writing (like a disclaimer) that needed to sound ‘neutral’. Everyone following the blog knows that there’s not a team but only one person. However, if this is the impression that gives to an English reader, I’ll change into the singular – and thanks in any case for helping improve my English :)
A second note, more technical and linked with trading. That person got mad and started insulting and threatening a few days ago when he decided to follow one of my tips. The price went up instead of going down, he activated the stop loss and therefore it was all red. My stop loss was at 1.77 if I recall correctly. He assumed that regardless to the specific situation of the trade, he had to trade off as soon as the matched price reached 1.77. Unfortunately for him, the strength of the back side was minimal, 1.77 was reached with a very low quantity and for a very short time, 1.78 was never touched and everything suggested that it wasn’t time to activate the stop loss. This was why, in the blog, I say that everyone should be able to understand the basics of trading otherwise it’ll be a disaster.
A last note. The mailing list on the blog was activated because it was requested by many readers. I never gave emails to anyone else, I never used them to send spam or adverts (also, I don’t have anything to advertise). I think that the same fact that this person is posting the same message everywhere (blogs, forums etc.) says something about his personality. And, well, it also says something about the fact that he has lots of spare time. As unfortunately I don’t have the same amount of time, this one is going to be my last reply on what you called ‘war’ but seems more like a ‘batrachomyomachia’.

One very last note. Sometimes I thought of commenting on your blog to say that yours is the best blog within our ‘community’ and that you’re an exceptionally talented blogger/writer. Again, I’m not an English native speaker but I can judge if someone can write very well – and you definitely do.