Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Anonymous writes:

Well done on an interesting blog. In relation to your findings on the laying odds on in the Bundesliga, you said last season (09/10) would have produced about 40 points profit to a level 1 point stake (I think). What were the returns for the previous 3 seasons you looked at?
These numbers assume a commission rate of 5%, and the prices would almost certainly have been bettered on the exchanges, so with that in mind here are the numbers for the past four seasons:

2009-10: +40.6 points
2008-09: + 7.82 points
2007-08: + 8.63 points
2006-07: +30.35 points

Overall, during that time, a 13.98% ROI, which for a simple system, isn't too shabby at all.

A look at the Conference fixtures for today, and there are two "strong" draws; Hayes and Yeading United v Cambridge United and Histon v Southport. A weaker draw on Thursday at Forest Green Rovers who play Grimsby Town.

The Ryder Cup got a little closer than I was expecting, but all's well that ends well, even if Mrs Cassini wasn't too happy. Actually, I'm not sure she even knows what the Ryder Cup is, but next time I visit with her Dad, the Cup will be mentioned early and often. I'm like that.

The NBA came to London today with the Los Angeles Lakers losing an exhibition to the Minnesota Timberwolves. 32 year old, and declining, Kobe Bryant played for just six minutes, and missed all three attempts. I have a lay on the Lakers for next season, and hope this result is a sign of things to come rather than a meaningless pre-season game...


Ben @ Sports Trading Life said...

Perhaps you might be slightly better off dutching the best price on dog win and draw when opposing bundesliga favourites then you wont have to pay commission? Or taking them on in asian handicap?

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I added you to mine already, so let me know if you will add mine


Anonymous said...

When you say the prices would have been bettered on the exchanges, what do you mean?

What prices have you used to come up with the P&L? Betfair SP, or historical data from bookmakers? Apologies if you've mentioned this in the past.

Anonymous said...

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