Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Name That Price

The odds on England to win were pushed down to around 1.22 tonight, but they, and the other Home Nations all failed to win. Unfortunately for me, although I was tempted to lay England, I had no involvement at all, not even bothering to watch the match. Resting before the real big game of the day, the Tampa Bay Rays v Texas Rangers who are currently the only MLB team to have never won a play-off series. That looked set to change a few days ago when they had a 2-0 (in a best-of-five) lead heading back to Texas, but the Rays rebounded to win both games there so it's all to play for tonight. Again, all the sign are for a low scoring game tonight, but in baseball, anything can happen. Tampa Bays' last 6 play-off home games have all been unders. The Rangers are surprisingly underdogs at 2.16 to win this one, and with Cliff Lee pitching against David Price - who was a very poor loser in Game 1 of this series - that looks like value to me. Incidentally, this is not the same David Price from Caterham who I had the pleasure of knowing during his Crystal Palace days.

I lost both on Saturday and Sunday this weekend, the first time both days of a weekend have been losing days since May of 2009. The baseball cost me on Saturday (I knew I was in trouble when Rich Allen, aka SBP, tipped the Texas Rangers too), and then on Sunday had a losing day on the NFL. Things picked up yesterday though, with a win for the San Francisco Giants in Atlanta, and a New York Jets victory over Brett Favre's Minnesota Vikings.

A full schedule on the football this weekend thank goodness, with a strong draw predicted for Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur. A couple of weaker draws too, but I haven't yet looked at the other top leagues. If the baseball's boring, I'll do it tonight!

Back to the SBP, and the Best Betfair Football Trader is upset he's being missing out on the NFL and NCAAF picks. The expression "be careful what you wish for" comes to mind.

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