Friday, 8 October 2010

However You Spin It

I usually ignore any Arcade or Exchange Game promotions, but Talkbet (again) wrote the other day that

Betfair also very kindly gave me £50 to spend in their arcade. It didn't last long on one of the slots even though I was only playing £2 a spin, I kept getting disconnected as well during each spin so as soon as the £50 was gone I was happy to just leave it be. I brought in about a tenner in real cash terms, not the best of returns but it was 'free money' after all :o)
I checked my e-mail again, and sure enough there was an offer for me too - but for just £15! What's the deal with that? What's so special about old Talkie? Anyway, since this offer really was a no-lose deal, I took a spin on the roulette wheel just now, and had exactly the same problems as Talkbet. 

The 1-18 failed to come up 7 times in a row, (it happens, but a little suspicious nevertheless), and the £15 lasted about five minutes, and only that long because I also kept getting connection errors. Fortunately their Sports markets seem a little more stable these days. Games like these are fun with a crowd in a casino, craps is my personal favourite, but there's something rather sad about playing at home alone and it's not something that has any appeal for me at all.

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My 'Secret' is revealed in the blog today...!