Saturday, 9 October 2010

Forever Young, And Happy, Probably

I get some strange comments from time to time, but one unusual one on my last post was an analysis of my writing style, from the web tool UrlAi which "can look at any blog and tell you the gender of the person that writes and his/her age based solely on the person’s writing style. It can also tell you what the predominant mood of the blog is."

For a web tool that is designed to analyse writing styles, it has an appalling understanding of grammar if it thinks it is correct to say "a person THAT writes". It should be "a person WHO writes". Or in London, "a person WHAT writes..." - I'm tempted to leave a dangling modifier in this post, just for fun.

Anyway, the analysis for me is...? is probably written by a male somewhere between 26-35 years old. The writing style is personal and happy most of the time.
It could have been worse.

What couldn't have been much worse were the League One / Two and Conference predictions this weekend. Well, they could always be worse, but they weren't that good. The one strong draw in League One was a 2-1 home win for Walsall, and none of the four candidates in League Two finished drawn either. Barrow v Crawley Town was the one strong draw that worked out, and oddly, was at the best price (4.0) of the day. Football Elite had just one short-list selection which I fortunately left alone as the Republic of Ireland lost to Russia. I don't care for internationals.

Anonymous is still upset with the advice given out from Peter Nordsted's service. I've not read the book, but if the comment is true, and I have no reason to doubt that it is, it would appear that some of the advice being given, or rather sold, is of less than stellar value. The comment was:
Can't be bothered to bring back the previous debate on Pete Nordstedt's methodology but a good example this weekend in his and his partner's newsletter.

Firstly, their ratings make the price of a Brighton win 2.00

Then they go on to say "If you fancy the Brighton win then dutching the 1 or 2 goal margin pays 2.17 and should be high on your consideration as this offers more than their rating price of 2.00."

Well now, it's hardly a surprise that the dutched price for a win of up to two goals is better than the straight win price is it. Last time I looked, it was possible for a team to win a match by more than two goals. Is that still the case?

Incidentally, the true price for Brighton to win by one or two goal, off the top of my head, should be around 6-4. 2.17 doesn't see like much value there lads (regardless of what occurs)

Like I said before. These guys have so many flaws in their thinking, it's unreal. Do people really pay for their services?
For the record, I had Brighton to win this myself, by 1, but I was looking for a Match Odds price in excess of 2.07 which wasn't matched, so I left them alone. Do people pay for his service? Presumably some do. People signed up in their droves for Adam Heathcote's advice service a little over a year ago - whatever happened to him or the service? How many people subscribed to both?

The baseball was bad and good last night. The Under picks were both losers, both games had scores in the first innings, which is never good for an Under bet), but the good news was that both winners came from behind, including the Atlanta Braves who were 0-4 down to the Giants who I layed at 1.08 while up 4-0. At the top of the third inning, the probability of the Giants winning (per The Book) was 0.85 (1.17), but they could be, and were, layed at 1.08. Once again, I locked in my Green-All-Over too early, but a profitable day, and hindsight's a gift I don't have. Not yet, but then I'm only betweeen 26 and 35.

The Texas Rangers are the only team in MLB that have never won a play-off series, but that piece of trivia could become history today as they play the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 3 with a 2-0 lead in a best-of-five series. The other ALCS game is the New York Yankees, also with a 2-0 lead, looking to eliminate the Minnesota Twins. The Twins have lost 11 consecutive play-off games, and one suspects confidence for the Twins and the Rays will be low. The Rangers are 1.87 and the Yankees are 1.6. Unfortunately, the Sports Betting Professor has tipped the Texas Rangers too.

For anyone interested in his NFL picks for tomorrow, here they are: St. Louis Rams +3.5; New York Giants +3.5; Baltimore Ravens -6.5; Dallas Cowboys -6.5; New Orleans Saints -6.5; Philadelphia Eagles +3.5.

Here are his remaining NCAAF selections for today too: Colorado +12; Iowa St. +6; East Carolina +8; Oregon St. +9; Kentucky +7; Purdue +9; Houston +6; USC +10; Rice +10; Hawaii +11. These should be accompanied by a public wealth warning!

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