Saturday, 2 October 2010

Penultimate Day

After a losing September, October is off to a good start with some baseball profits overnight. At this time of year, there's value in laying teams who are already in the play-offs. One example was the Los Angeles Angels who were playing at Texas Rangers. It was announced pre-game that the Rangers (admittedly struggling) closer (Neftali Feliz) would be rested for the play-offs, and a close game went the Angels way in the 11th inning.

The San Diego Padres still have a pulse as the Atlanta Braves dropped a game in the wild-card race, and the Padres won in San Francisco. Two games to go for each team, the Braves with two v Philadelphia, and the Giants with two v Padres. A win for the Padres today, and it all comes down to the final game which, after a 162 game season, is always fun. Not that this has any relevance to today, but in 1996, the Padres were two games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers with three games to play in LA. The Padres swept the series to win the NL West.

Not the best of starts to the weekend football with my first "strong" draw resulting in a 2-0 win for Wigan Athletic - the first time these predictions in the EPL have been decided by more than one goal, but at least the unders came in. I've mentioned before how the ratings can be used in many ways, and the "strong draw / under 2.5 goals" correlation is a good example.

Next in Germany, an 84' goal took away the draw at Nuremburg, but West Ham United and Fulham finished 1-1 (another EPL Under) to take the draw system into positive territory for the day.

Football Elite's selection Mainz '05 won 4-2, while my two away selections of Auxerre and Wolfsburg went 1-1 for a small profit.

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