Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Crazy Results!

It's not the SBP's fault after all - it's the crazy results! From his latest unsolicited e-mail, some extracts:

Before that I just want to take a second to discuss how crazy an early season it has been for both NCAA and NFL Football.

It's really incredible, teams that were supposed to be good are not. Teams that were supposed to be terrible are atop the standings. I mean look at the top of the standings: Tampa Bay? Kansas City? Really. And the bottom: Dallas? San Diego? And it's not just the NFL either, it's the same in college.

That being said, with all the craziness we're still hanging in there and we had a big win with the Eagles Sunday night. Hopefully that gives us the kick in the pants we're looking for. [Yeah, sports betting works like that].

My systems have a proven track record. [Proven where?] I have hundreds of testimonials from people telling me they bought a new car, put a down payment on a house, took an exotic vacation - all by using winnings they generated from following my picks. [Following, or opposing?]
No word on why he wouldn't just be quietly amassing his wealth with these great systems rather than doing everything he can to sell them. Oh wait, perhaps he can make more from selling them than from using them? Hmmm. How could that be?

If you're interested, Wednesday's NCAA Pick is Marshall +6.

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