Monday, 17 October 2011

Dan Wheldon (1978-2011)

A sad day for British sport with the untimely death of two-time Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon at the age of 33 in Las Vegas. Although I am not a big fan of motor sport, I did hear that he'd been in a serious accident, but then the news appeared to be that all drivers injured in the 15 car crash were conscious and alert.

Trivial stuff in comparison, but it was already written so here's my meaningless update for Sunday.

No luck for the two XX Draw selections today, but two from six this weekend, and I'll take that any day. Football Elite had a winner with Chievo +0.5 v Juventus at 1.8 (a rare dip into odds-on territory for Matt), while Pete Nordsted's third selection of his new Game Of Two Halves (GOTH) system went down as Arsenal v Sunderland finished with an odd number of goals. An unusual day in Serie A, with the first five games all finishing scoreless. A good day for laying teams or the GOTH system, but not a good day for anyone laying the draw. My Value spreadsheet went for lays in Italy today, except for one team - Lazio - who beat city rivals Roma with a 90th minute goal.
Not all leagues fared so well unfortunately, but I'll post up the full results in due course. American Football now with what is expected to be a relatively even game between the Chicago Bears (1.85) and the Minnesota Vikings (2.16). Next week, the Chicago Bears come to London, where their tourist snapshots of St. Paul's Cathedral might be less than perfect with the Occupy London protesters in the foreground. As someone commented on the BBC page:
They make St. Paul's look horribly untidy. Couldn't they have chosen somewhere like Essex?

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