Thursday, 13 October 2011

Odd Numbers

(Scatter) Gundulf wrote:
Nice trading there Cassini! I've no interest in or knowledge of NFL (and will keep it that way!) but one question if I might... why the odd amount laid? Perhaps I'm too much a creature of habit but I always lay to a round stake or round liability...just wondering whence came the £518 / £1713!?
Would you believe that 518 is my lucky number? 5 is the number of toes on my right foot. 1 was my age on my first birthday anniversary, and 8 is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture - because it sounds like the word meaning to generate wealth. I used to have a BMW 518i and of course 518 can be expressed as
which makes the number somewhat special, and 5 for 18 was also my best bowling figures (or were they my top two batting scores? - I forget). Of course, while all that is very believable, the truth may be that the odd amount was simply the result of several forays into the battle, where my lays were matched in unpredictable amounts.

Not the only unpredictable thing about betting on sports, I've noticed.

Griff stopped by to say he would like to remain in third place behind the XX Draws and Drawmaster selections in the friendly Best Draw Stakes. He actually didn't phrase it like that, saying:
Just a quick note there are no draw selections from me for this week in the EPL.

The Drawmaster is currently at an ROI on the season of 10.4%, while the XX Draws are at 18.6%.


pierre said...

Scatter GUNULF is simply dumb for many reasons :
1° aggregation of potential bets makes it a not rounded number
2° betfair has some customers who dont use british pounds.

gundulf said...

I've never been called simply dumb before... but appreciate the insight.

You had me going there for a second Cassini - the line about the 518i was the give way... got you down as a 6 cylinder man not a four pot one!