Thursday, 20 October 2011

English Premier League Franchise System

It appears that Drawmaster has not gone forever, but is simply no longer featured on, and been modified to be a more selective system available on Premier Betting. I didn't see the selection of Newcastle v Tottenham Hotspur before this past weekend, but Pete's credibility is not in any doubt, so I have updated the numbers over at Gold All Over. Eliminating the requirement to find three draws a week is something I have been suggesting for a while now, and Pete must have realised that the only way to shut me up is to agree with me and do it.

As predicted yesterday, both European games between 'my' teams were close, but in the end a 92nd minute goal meant that neither game ended as a draw.

There has been a lot written in the press over the past few days on the (hopefully remote) possibility of scrapping relegation from the English Premier League, and while the idea is nonsense, it does make for an interesting discussion which 20 clubs should make up such a closed shop elite. weighed in with some ideas:

1) Based on success (league titles in English history), the 20 would be: Manchester United (19 titles), Liverpool (18), Arsenal (13), Everton (9), Aston Villa (7), Sunderland (6), Chelsea (4), Newcastle (4), Sheffield Wednesday (4), Leeds (3), Wolves (3), Huddersfield (3), Blackburn (3), Preston (2), Tottenham (2), Derby (2), Man City (2), Burnley (2), Portsmouth (2), Nottingham Forest (1). (NB: Forest get the nod over other sole title winners Sheff Utd, WBA and Ipswich for being most recent, 1978).

2) Based on most points in the Premier League era (only 1992-93 onwards considered as this would be PL closed shop), the 20 would be: Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Tottenham, Everton, Newcastle, Blackburn, West Ham, Manchester City, Leeds, Middlesbrough, Southampton, Bolton, Fulham, Coventry, Sunderland, Sheffield Wednesday, Wimbledon.

3) Based on the biggest grounds (because you want big teams getting big revenue because the spoils will be shared), the 20 would be: Manchester United, Arsenal, Newcastle, Sunderland, Manchester City, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds, Tottenham, West Ham, Middlesbrough, Derby, Southampton, Sheffield United, Coventry, Leicester, Blackburn.

4) Based on brilliance of individual players in history (number of Footballer of the Year wins by club), the 20 would be: Liverpool (11), Manchester United (9), Tottenham (8), Arsenal (7), Leeds (4), Manchester City (3), Chelsea (2), Everton (2), Stoke (2), Wolves (2), Preston (2), Blackpool (2), West Ham (2), Blackburn (1), Sheff Wed (1), Ipswich (1), Nottm Forest (1), Fulham (1), Derby (1), Burnley (1). (With other winners Luton and Bolton, 1 each, missing out for being too long ago).
Personally I would like to see an automatic spot for all winners of the prestigious Zenith Data Systems Cup, provided that they meet the requirement of placing in the top 32 of the all-time Premier League table. Actually, better make that top 34 assuming the decision will be made this season. Sorry Reading.

So my 20 would be Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Everton, Aston Villa, Newcastle United, Sunderland, Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds United, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Blackburn Rovers, Derby County, West Ham United and Burnley. That's 17, with spots for any two-time European Champions and any team who has won the Zenith Data Systems Cup, has won a minimum of three play-off finals, and which has the first five letters of their name comprise all consonants.

The 20th club? Probably Preston North End, since I like unique last names and Stanley, Argyle, Alexandra, Vale, Dons, Orient and Rangers aren't even close to consideration. Huddersfield, Portsmouth, Southampton might have a claim, but not strong enough to oust any of my top 20.


Jon said...

How can a pointless ZDS record have any bearing on who should make up
the new closed shop Premier league?

Clearly consistency should be the deciding factor. In that respect accumalting exactly
one point per game and also scoring exactly one goal per game is the height of consistency.
Swansea are very near to being perfectly consistent, but as it stands there is only one truely
consistent team, which for me is enough in itself to land the first qualifying slot.

Throw in consistently being relegated at the end of every season they've played in the Premier
League and the issue is not for debate. Swansea could become as qualified come May.....

Handy Andy said...

5 consonants? That's QPRFC then.

Job done :-)