Saturday, 15 October 2011

Weekend Half-Time Report

With no Drawmaster selections today, it would appear that Peter Nordsted has switched to a new strategy called "Game Of Two Halves" where Pete looks for games where the total goals in each half are the same. I can't say this is an area that I have looked at, but the first selection of Liverpool v Manchester United finished 0-2 (1st half v 2nd half), and the second pick of Stoke City v Fulham also finished 0-2. Arsenal v Sunderland is the third pick tomorrow. I can't say it's a bet that has any appeal for me. Too much of a teaser bet for my liking and I'll be impressed if this turns out to be a long-term winner, but Pete wrote a piece explaining his logic on

Football Elite found a winner with Stoke City (2.22) who beat Fulham 2-0, but Getafe v Villareal was a losing selection.

The XX Draws have had another four results this weekend so far, and two winners, both at 3.65. The first was what could be described as rather fortunate, as Mallorca were trailing Valencia 0-1 before being awarded a 93rd minute penalty. The second was the purest of winning draws, with Granada and Atletico Madrid playing out a 0-0 draw. ROI on the season is now at 24.6%.

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