Wednesday, 19 October 2011

SOT 0 Goals 1

While the lay of Bayern Munich proved a winner yesterday, it was a first to be entering in to the spreadsheet a Shots On Target total which was less than the Goals Scored. Napoli's one goal was an own goal, but another winning bet even if the manner of victory was a little unusual. This game actually showed up as an XX Draw, but that's a method for League games, whereas the European games are more of academic interest. Bayer Leverkusen v Valencia is another such selection today, and Olympique Marseille v Arsenal isn't too far from being another one. I'll probably watch the latter match and take a position on Under 2.5 goals at around 1.89, before concentrating on Game One of the 107th World Series between the Texas Rangers and the St Louis Cardinals. Hopefully liquidity will be strong.


Griff said...

Hi Cassini,

I've got 2 draw bets for the EPL this weekend they are:

Wolves v Swansea
Blackburn v Spurs


TFM said...

Hey Cassini, great blog, I've been enjoying reading it every day. Just wondering, what do you consider a value bet? i.e. what % of the price on Betfair are you willing to get involved at?

What I mean is when the price on Betfair is 4 and you calculate that the odds should be 4.1, obviously that is not enough value for you. At what point does it become value, 4.2, 4.3, 4.8 etc.?

Cheers, and keep inspiring thought!