Saturday, 22 October 2011

Lay The Name

A great start to the weekend's investment, with subscribers to the XX Draw Selections already nicely ahead as Augsburg and Werder Bremen drew 1-1, a match where the draw was available as high as 4.2 pre-game on Betfair.

I then had a similar experience to Gundulf over at Betfair Football Trading who, like me, saw that the Brazil U-22 team was incredibly short at 1.07 / 1.08 versus Cuba. Now this they come as a surprise to many readers, but I am not an expert on U-22 football, and for once, I am not being modest. I'm really not an expert on everything, but one thing I do know is that when Brazil are involved, the name alone attracts money regardless of the gender or age group the match is, but having been burned with laying the favourite in Copa America games this summer, I watched with no involvement, chastising myself as each minute without a goal passed. Finally I got involved and made a little, what turned out to be easy, money, but it could have been a lot more.
I also took advantage of the Draw at 1.36 with 87:30 on the clock. Really? This seemed huge value. The game ended 0-0. Gundulf did have a good quote which I shall shamelessly steal and repeat here, which was
"I'd much rather be out of trade wishing I was in it, than be in a trade wishing I was out of it".
I certainly appreciate the sentiment of it - not winning is better than losing, defend the bank and all that, and it can be a sickening feeling to be in a losing trade with seemingly no way out, but watching a 1.08 climb to 1000 is mildly annoying to say the least. Unless you backed it of course.

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