Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Czeching In

With the European games going on this week my full XX Draw selections won't be available for a couple more days, but Griff has two selections from the EPL this weekend: Wolves v Swansea and Blackburn v Spurs. With neither Wolves nor Swansea involved in European action, I can say that for me, this match is not close to being a contender for a draw. Griff's last two selections were a little off the mark last time as Bolton v Chelsea finished 1-5 and Fulham v QPR ended 6-0 but his reported strike rate prior to that over the past three seasons was 36.88% from 301 matches and an ROI of 31.37%. Obviously those numbers are slightly down now, but I have lost the Drawmaster as a benchmark for my XX Draw Selections so I shall use Griff's selections for now.

Some very short prices in tonight's games as Peter Webb notes:
Barcelona are an amazing 1.05 to beat Plzen this evening. We have Chelsea at 1.12, AC Milan 1.27 and Porto 1.30.
There's little downside to opposing teams at prices in the 1.05 range and you could always be in for a Plzeňt surprise...

There's only one Europa League game tomorrow featuring two of my followed teams, which is Udinese v Atletico Madrid, and at 2.66, Udinese are decent value.

And finally, what is Mr. Layaway talking about here?:
You will see the Markers in the Betfair screen shot, these Markers were subject to some discussion on Cassini's excellent Blog on Sunday night, if you are not a reader of his Blog then you should be as he is one of the best out there.
ONE of the best? The man is clearly crazy.

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