Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bouncing Back

I like my numbers, and I like my spreadsheet to balance. I wasted a good 15 minutes of my life today searching for a £2.43 difference. I should have paid more attention to the Betfair Forum, where it seems I was not alone in puzzling over this, which turned out to be a gift from Betfair:

Please note that when customers have bet on an Australian Market in the past, which has been a cross-matching market there is a pool of funds which is split evenly between those customers who have bet on those markets.

Betfair then share the pool between those customers. The funds can be transferred back to your main wallet or can be used however you like.
It would appear that the Australian authorities allow Betfair to skim profits with their cross-matching algorithm, but insist that this money is then shared out each year. As someone who rarely bets in Australian wallet markets, this is quite a good return on my money! It does make one wonder how much such a 'dividend' might be on the main wallet markets though.

Still a late night NFL game to come, Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys, but for the most part the weekend results are all in, and overall a pretty good couple of days. Not good enough to make up for Friday night's World Series loss though!

The XX Draw Selections had another profitable weekend, with two winners from five selections raising the ROI for this season to a really rather decent 25.5% after 53 selections. The results, and those of my 'all-in-good-fun' competitors are shown over at Gold All Over, but the summary is here:


Betslayer said...

Are you not including the Drawmaster anymore? I know its now exclusive, but still could be covered ??? 2 losses this weekend by the way Ev v Utd and Wigan v Fulham.

jakg88 said...

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gundulf said...

Thanks for solving the mystery of the £2.43 sitting in my Australian wallet, Cassini!

As an ROI for me this is infinite! Never had a bet or trade down under in all the time I've been on Betfair.

I'm beetling off now to find a suitable investment vehicle for my new found riches... wish me luck!