Monday, 3 May 2010

All That Jazz

This is a funny old game. After a month with nothing to write home about, today (Sunday) I have my best day since mid-February, and part of the profits were down to a technical failure. The Over 201.5 points punt in the Lakers - Jazz game came in at 203, and always looked good value. 53 points in Q1, 46 in Q2, and 56 in Q3 combined with a close game meant some opportunities to top up in play, although I had no intention pre-game of doing so.

I also got involved in some trading on the match odds, where the Lakers were just too low (1.08ish), too early, to be value. When the Jazz came back to actually lead for a brief time, and I could lay off for a decent green all over, I could almost feel the confidence flooding back. I actually intended to cover my lay at a much lower price, but the battery on my wireless mouse must have died because there was suddenly no response. After tracking down a replacement mouse, cursing my unpreparedness all the while, the Jazz had narrowed the lead still further so my profit was much increased. Just the lucky break I needed. Although I kept a much larger green on the Jazz (I missed the 1.8 that they hit briefly) it was still a much needed good day.

Now if the Phillies could just pull out a win in the final baseball game of the weekend. Spotting the Mets a 3 run first inning was not the start I was looking for.

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