Friday, 7 May 2010

Take A Seat

A very pleasing result from an investment perspective in the election with the banker "Conservatives Most Seats" winning comfortably, and the "No Overall Majority" coming in after something of a wild ride. Why the price drifted to 3.0 even as the Tories were failing to hit their targets was a mystery and one that I should have made more from, but the trouble with this market was that I worry too much that others know more than I do, and that if the price looks too good to be true, then it probably is. In this case of course, it wasn't, and I should have been stronger, but the concern over tactical voting and the results not matching the polls was a real concern for a time.

Anyway, the odds are that it won't be another five years until we get another stab at these markets.

Back to the usual fare of Football Elite and the Sports Betting Professor, and it appears that my unpaid for tips from the latter have come to an end. No e-mails today, other than one trying to sell me another system, so probably someone's figured out I was getting freebies and pulled the plug. I can't say I'll miss them too much, but it was quite interesting tracking his results.

My own MLB selections are actually faring quite well right now, but still down on the season thanks to the (in hindsight) rather ambitious lay of £128,927 at 1.01 which is not going to be recouped in a hurry.

Football Elite's season is fizzling out with three short-list selections on Wednesday all failing to win, and the overall record on these falling to 44 wins from 111 bets for a level stake profit (assuming 5% commission) of 6.909 to a 1 point stake.

My interest in football for this season is most likely at an end. Only my second profitable season from the five that I've been active, and the Elo ratings will be back next season.

Could be another volatile day in the financial markets ahead. Hung parliament, PIGS. Fasten your seat belts.


Anonymous said...

"Anyway, the odds are that it won't be another five years until we get another stab at these markets."

With a hung Parliment and likliehood of a coalition Government! At least you're consistent with your lack of knowledge in most markets

Cassini said...

I'm guessing that History wasn't one of your better subjects in school. It's actually a fascinating subject. In between counting your winnings, you should consider reading up on it.

Anonymous said...

Do you just throw in random statements to try to cover your lack of knowledge or does the fact history is a fascinating subject have any relevance?

I'm unsure why previous coalition Governments, that occurred during the world world 1 & 2, would indicate we'll have to wait another five years. Maybe you could enlighten us all.

I'm also guessing you've snapped up all that 1.5 available, in the 2 Elections In 2010 market on there not being another election in 2010