Thursday, 20 May 2010

Home Run

A couple of good wins last night put my baseball investing for the season into the green for the first time. After my documented bad start on April 17, my tried and tested slow and steady style has recovered that loss so it's onward and upward from here. I hope. Given the SBP's record in this sport, I was glad to see that one of my selections was opposed by one of his seven. (He did go 4-3 last night, but still 57-67 on the season).

His basketball selections are on a losing sequence of five, so anyone following his A, B, C progressive staking system is on the verge of a second system loss, but what does he have to say about it? Nothing. Very telling too, how he completely ignores the losses, but never misses an opportunity to tell us about a win. Not the behaviour of someone with any confidence in his selections.

It's been suggested that I am 'obsessed' with the SBP, but I like to think the word is, or rather was 'intrigued'. I was admittedly intrigued by how his NBA picks worked, in particular what were the key spreads that he felt were favourable and why. Well I now know what they are, and accept that over the past few years, these may have performed better than average, but there is no explanation as to WHY these spreads should be more profitable, and no rationale for his bizarre A, B, C staking system.

It is my opinion that the Professor is not an expert in Sports Betting, but in Marketing, the subject in which he received his degree. He has no edge, and fancy staking plans might disguise that fact for a while, but bad value catches up with you sooner or later. And anyone selling a Craps system clearly doesn't have the best interests of his customers at heart, as well as sending the message that he thinks we're all idiots (as opposed to simply curious!)

What a contrast to the SBP is Matt at Football Elite, the one service that I do pay good money for. I missed the start of the season, only joining at the end of November, but since that time he sends out not only the tips each week, but also a follow up update e-mail. Some weeks this can't be a pleasant task, but Matt does it, secure in the knowledge that his clients know that he has an edge, and that when there is a disappointing set of results to report on, there's no point hiding from the fact. His end of season review was very interesting too. Well written, thoughtful and above all, honest.

Long-time readers of this blog will know that I am naturally very sceptical of tipsters, in a healthy way of course, but Football Elite have been a breath of fresh air. The SBP hasn't. Very simple.


Anonymous said...

There's an old saying "Those that can do , those that can't teach" so I guess if you're going to teach you may as well aim for the top and become a professor.

Good to see you've found a tipster you're happy with , no doubt the same Matt who regulary posts the thumbs up on your blog every so often :)

Cassini said...

There are actually two different Matt's that post on here, Football Elite's and the other a man who led the way on sports investing blogs.