Saturday, 15 May 2010

Crap System

The Sports Betting Professor just keeps going down in my estimation. He is now pushing a Craps system in an e-mail with the Subject: Finally, You CAN Win At Craps. Well yes, we CAN win at craps, same as we CAN win at roulette or the National Lottery, but to suggest that there is a system for consistently winning at craps is just plain dishonest. Any reasonably intelligent person knows that it is statistically impossible for a player to win over the long-term. The game is stacked against the player in favour of the casino. Same as roulette.

Having said that, craps IS my favourite casino game. If you avoid the sucker bets, it is quite possible to play the game profitably in the short-term. It's tremendous entertainment, and very exciting when the shooter gets on a hot roll, and I enjoy playing it occasionally for those reasons, but for the SBP to suggest that there is a system for this game is simply further evidence that the guy is clueless and for all the talk, has absolutely nothing to offer but a slick sales pitch.

From a quick look at the web site being promoted, it looks like the author is promoting "wrong betting" - the "Don't Pass / Don't Come" approach to Craps which is admittedly better value (very slightly - 1.4% house edge versus 1.41%) than the more common Pass / Come approach taken by most gamblers, and a lot better than the sucker bets that tempt the novice player. It's hardly a new idea, and anyone promoting such nonsense deserves to be treated with total contempt.

Still no mention of his recent basketball losses, or his terrible baseball season to date, but very quick when one baseball tip does actually win. (The Florida Marlins at 1.8, 3rd winner of 13 tips this week). And now e-mails discussing American Football and Craps!

What next - tips on staying hydrated?

And before anonymous claims that there are professional craps players (in addition to the supposed pro roulette players) there aren't. There could be players who play the games all the time making a small fortune I suppose, but they would have to have started with a big fortune.


Joep said...

Hi Cassini,

Regarding the craps professional statement, I wouldn't be so sure. There are people training in controlling the dice to gain an advantage in craps shooting. I'm unsure whether this is something profitable or not, but I don't completely disregarding the possibility. The craps system put forward by that SB "professor" obviously don't meet the criteria of gaining an edge over the casino and he should be ashamed of mentioning it to his paying customers. It clearly shows his lack of (gambling) intelligence. Anyway, very much enjoy the blog and hope you keep it going for a long time to come!

Cassini said...

Joep - I'm aware that some people claim to be able to throw die in a way that gives them an edge, but no one has ever demonstrated that this is possible, and with casinos insisting that the die bounce off the irregularly cushioned walls of the table, this claim seems highly unlikely. In theory though, I agree it's a slim possibility, but even if it were possible, the fact would soon be evident and no casino in the world would allow a shooter with such a skill to continue. It is amusing though to watch how some shooters take their time to line the die up in a certain way, although I think that's superstition rather than trying to hit a specific number.

Thanks for the comment.