Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Rude Americans!

I recently mentioned my disgust at the Sports Betting Professor's attempt to promote a Craps betting system, and I wrote a reasonably courteous e-mail to him which read:

Please don't insult my intelligence by sending me sales pitches for a game that has the odds weighted against us. Admittedly betting the 'wrong' way is the best strategy there is, but the advantage is very slight (1.4% house edge versus 1.41% house edge on pass/come bets) and the information is available for free on the Internet.

Craps is a great game to play for fun, but you do yourself a huge disservice by trying to sell a system that claims to be a winning system. It isn't. It's a losing system that just happens to lose at a slower rate than any other craps system.

Please desist sending me this nonsense.
I actually received a reply, rather terse I thought:
Next time, just delete the emails you don't want to read. Very simple.

His Complaints Department must be overworked. If I had actually paid for any of his, frankly rubbish, selections, I'd be demanding my money back, but since they're all arriving free of charge, I shall continue to monitor and report on them. As of 17.May, he's 53-64 on the MLB, for a loss of 11.2096 points. Six of eight in the last three days though to be fair.

He also had the Orlando Magic to beat Boston Celtics by 6.5 in Game 2.


Anonymous said...

What is your obssession with the SBP? The website layout is the same as the thousands of other betting system cons out there.

I'd even hazard a guess he isn't a real Professor, you should ask to see proof of his academic qualifications next time you email him.

strugar said...

Well, I must say that I agree with both reply of SBP and with Anonymous' comment above; indeed, it's a pretty rude reply to complaint, and not best of ways to attract new "customers", but given that you haven't paid for mails he sends, it appears to be easiest solution; you don't even have to delete his mails - it's easy to create a mail filter which will send his mail directly to mail heaven... or hell, I suppose, according to their quality. ;)

Anonymous said...

yep you are the sad fecker here replying to that crap , trying to make yourself look good

Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that we have to put up with his crap in order to get the picks.

As hinted at above, I simply send his mail to junk folder until the NFL starts up when I'll start paying attention again.