Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Lazy Lakers

A nice win tipped for the Suns last night at 2.48, a very generous price against a team as moody as the Lakers. On their day, they are the best team in the NBA, but they have a habit of going to sleep and did so again last night with the Phoenix bench essentially winning the game for the Suns in the fourth quarter.

As I wrote yesterday, this win makes game 5 very interesting. The Suns have the momentum and with a win can close out the series at home in game 6. If the Lakers keep going as if the series is a “slam-dunk” they will lose.

Unfortunately, I shall be away for that game and a potential game 7 for investment purposes.

I was trading the game on BETDAQ (liquidity sporadic, but occasionally there was value) where they suddenly suspended the game for site maintenance. Unlike Betfair, who don’t turn games in-play when there is scheduled maintenance, BETDAQ do, something to be aware of unless you suddenly want to find yourself exposed.

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Anonymous said...

Presumably the game developed exactly as you were hoping in order too allow you to "go big".