Sunday, 2 May 2010

Glad All Over

Well, that was exciting.

The odds on Sheffield Wednesday winning had drifted over the past few days to 2.4 last time I checked, so the odds were on Palace surviving, but if betting odds were always right, we would all be rich and sport would be very boring.

Which is something that Crystal Palace are not. One thing about supporting Palace is that there's rarely a season that sees them end in mid-table. If it looks like we're headed towards that, we go into administration just for the drama.

My first visit to Crystal Palace was at Easter 1967, taken there by Bernard Ingham (now Sir) and it was one of those life-changing moments. From then on for the next 23 years or so, it's probably not an exaggeration to describe myself as "Palace mad".

It was a good time to become a Palace fan. I had no sense of history at that time, no understanding that it wasn't too long before that we were applying for re-election and becoming founder members of the Fourth Division, but things turned around fast.

Two years after my 'debut' we were in Division One for the first time, struggling every year, and certainly the majority of the seasons since have seen us have something to play for on the final day.

Anyway, perhaps now the club can find a buyer as we look forward to the visits of Hull City, Burnley and Portsmouth next season. OK, so maybe not the most illustrious of names, but better than re-opening the faded rivalry with Brighton and Hove Albion, and seeing the likes of Notts County, Bournemouth and Rochdale on the hallowed turf of Selhurst Park.

Tough times ahead by all accounts, but for the next few days this result will lift my spirits. A solid win for Chelsea means my son will be happy too as they continue their inexorable run to their first Double.


Talkbet said...

Congrats on staying up. Watched most of the game, always prefer a game like that to the stale Premiership fare on the other channel, might sound like sour grapes but the Premier League has got so boring, this year the excitement filling the press is that we're going to have a new team finish 4th, great, I can hardly contain myself. Look forward to welcoming you to Fratton Park next year, assuming both clubs are still in existence...!

Anonymous said...

"...and seeing the likes of Notts country, Rochdale, & Bournemouth"....please dont patronise teams in lower divisions than yourself who may not have similar successful history, kind of smacks of the arrogance of some PL supporters, Palace are as good as the position they're in, which is not that far above those said teams. And history is history, Burnley (Old Div 1 champions, FA cup winners) & Portsmouth (FA Cup winners) if had same attitude will both be gutted having to play the likes of Palace, a club lucky to be in existence.
I will forgive you for perhaps needing to conclude your blog with very little thought about what you were saying. Next time think.