Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Pasta Poor For The Upper Body

I'm not sure how many people remember the goal that wasn't back in August when Crystal Palace's Freddie Sears scored a perfectly good goal only for the ball to bounce back out and a goal-kick awarded. Palace went on to lose 0-1 that day, but had the goal stood, as it should have done, Sunday's game would have been meaningless. At least it made for a dramatic finish to the season. Of course, not going into administration would have helped too. Life is never dull as a Palace fan, that's for sure.

Not much doing on the trading front right now. I have a couple of projects which are taking up time - the main one is researching a possible angle in baseball, a sport that certainly doesn't lack statistics.

The Sports's Betting Professor went 0-3 on Monday's MLB games with no selections in the NBA, where I'm hoping that the Jazz can narrow a ten point Lakers lead with one quarter to go. The price is 1.07/1.08 which for me is a value lay since the Lakers have a habit of easing up but they've held a lead in or close to double figures for much of the game.

Football Elite has some short-list bets in France and Spain, but nothing in the Recommended Bets category. Currently (assuming commission at 5%) the latter are down 0.625 to a level 1 point and a record of 34 wins from 80 selections since I signed up in late November. The short-list bets are up 9.909 with 44 wins from 108 including Blackburn's win over Arsenal on Monday at 4.0.

And I found this amusing piece from Neal Widdows on the WSC site:

"I was struck by Crystal Palace captain Shaun Derry's revelation about his side's post-match rituals after they had grabbed a late draw at Derby last Saturday: 'We try to get whatever food we can down us after a game like this. We've eaten all sorts on the way home this season and I'm sure a good KFC won't do us any harm right now. A lot of studies have shown it doesn't really matter what you eat after a game – you'll burn off anything. And to eat pasta, pasta, pasta all the time just does your tits in.' Is the latter a medical term? Arsène Wenger should take note anyhow."


Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to what prices you record these football elite bets at.

You mention 5% commission so assume you are looking at betfair prices. Do you use the price on betfair at the time you receive the tip? the starting price? Or something else.

Cassini said...

I use the price that I get matched at. Matt gives the prices available when he sends out the e-mail, but I'm often late so the prices I get are different. Strangely, quite often I get matched at a better price than expected - a quirk that Matt himself has commented on. Other times of course, the price has come in slightly.