Sunday, 5 December 2010


After two disappointing weeks for Football Elite, they come fighting back this weekend with three out of three on the Recommended Bets, and two winners and a draw from the short-list. It's funny how wins as well as losses seem to come in bunches.

Sunderland (1.91), Villareal (1.88) and Real Sociedad (2.38) were the three Recommended Bet winners, backed up by Freiburg (3.45) and Parma (2.6) from the short-list. The one non-winner was Birmingham City who fell short at 3.85.

I also had Sunderland as my value bet, along with Sampdoria (1.76) and Malaga (2.14) - all winners, but Almeria (2.28) let me down. There's always one. The draw came in at St Etienne though, although the games at Getafe, Lecce and Catania all ended with a winner.

Took a loss on the Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars game earlier, but a small profit on the Chargers - Raiders game which is slipping away from the Chargers as I write. Strange - the Chargers don't lose in December but QB Rivers is having a sub-par game. Update: No bed yet - the Chargers are now within eight.

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