Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Playing The 0-0

A nice win tipped up here for the Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles last night which puts the Premium Charge ever closer. I checked the account, and if Betfair draw the line for the week at midnight, then a four figure profit that was settled at 00:07 on Monday may well have been the proverbial straw. Not complaining though.

Inspired by Ben, I am putting together a spreadhseet to monitor as best I can, the status on a day-by-day basis, and it's giving me a new, and very liberating, attitude towards losses. With a view to adding in a few 'losing' bets, I have backed 0-0 on the Correct Score market at 21 and layed No Next Goal at an average of around 18.5. It's not exactly Slicer's miracle (albeit non-existent) bet, but it should work. I also jumped on the Under 2.5 goals which is a bet that usually makes me nervous, but with the attitude that the worst that can happen is that I lose, (and thus reduce the profit on which I pay the PC) I am far more comfortable letting the bet run.

As we approach half-time, the game is still scoreless, and the 0-0 is down to 6.0 making me wish I'd never bothered laying it off on the Next Goal Market! While any result means a win on one market, and a loss on another (good for PC), a four figure win and corresponding loss would be a much bigger help!

Ooh - Drogba just hit the post!

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