Thursday, 9 December 2010

I Forget – Which Day Did God Make All The Fossils?

A few days ago, I highlighted the arrogance and stupidity of athletes who credit their sporting success to a supernatural being. Apparently they think that god, fresh from his achievement of creating the universe, making man in his own image, and sending his son down to do some magic tricks (water into wine etc.), is now turning his attention to sports, and singling out individual athletes to show His greatness. Personally, I think curing cancer might be more impressive.

Unfortunately, and not for the first time when discussing the silliness of religious belief, someone misses the point suggesting that the target of my post is the 'supernatural entity' itself. It isn't.

The Wagerer said...

A guy spends a couple of seconds acknowledging a supernatural entity in which he believes.

You, not for the first time, go totally off-topic and spend far longer berating a supernatural entity that, according to you, doesn't even exist.

And he's the irrational one?
Er, yes, although irrational is probably too polite a word to use. I think 99% or readers of this blog probably agree who the irrational ones are when it comes to god.

If God wanted people to believe in him, then why did he invent logic?

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