Thursday, 2 December 2010

Hung, Drawn, And Qatared

If I am to see another World Cup in England, I now need to stay alive until 2030. If I am to see England WIN another World Cup, I may need to start setting some records for longevity.

Not such a surprise that Russia won the rights for 2018, but a shock that England were first to be eliminated in the voting. I don't bet on these 'voting' type events, but for a while England went favourites in the betting, suggesting again that patriotism was trumping reason.

I didn't see any prices for the 2022 rights, but I doubt that many people were expecting Qatar to win it. 10 of the 12 stadiums located within 30km of each other? Population 1.3 million? Average high temperature in July 115F (46C)? Its third largest city has half the population of my home town - Purley! And since when has a 'Q' not been followed by a 'U'? Cool flag though.

Bizarre. It's all thanks to Allah.

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