Sunday, 21 February 2010


A very good day today, not perfect, but a high percentage of winners across all leagues.

Calling my spot-on predictions 'bullseyes' and non-spot-on winners 'outers' (from the world of darts), the ratings had bullseyes with the games at Malaga, Fiorentina, Siena, Marseille, Werder Bremen, Fulham and Manchester City.

'Outers' were the wins for Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Tottenham Hotspur, Hearts, Athletic Bilbao, Cagliari, Palermo, Roma and Real Madrid.

Misses everywhere else, but only one game with a winner predicted would have resulted in a loss from laying the opponent - that game being at Atalanta who lost to Chievo.

The Premier League was again the 'League of the Day' with two bulleyes, and three outers from 5 matches.

In response to a comment about the sample size, currently the total number of matches rated is a little over 2,000.

Tomorrow sees Rotherham expected to beat Shrewsbury Town by 1, and Valencia should win by the same margin at home to Getafe.

Tuesday's expectations are Barcelona by 1 in Stuttgart, and Manchester United by 3 over West Ham United in the Premier League. 3-0 is 8.8 and Any Unquoted is 4.0.

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