Friday, 19 February 2010

Waiting For The Cheque

There seems to be a short delay in the processing of my prize. Not sure why - I have provided my bank account details along with my National Insurance number, passwords, PINs, date of birth, mother's maiden name, favourite TV show, first make and model of car I owned and other information requested, so I'm sure it's just an administrative glitch. Pity really - I was really hoping to have the cash by the weekend, but it's looking like I shall have to wait until Monday now.

I obviously quit my job this morning, my goal of calling in rich finally realised, and have spend the day so far idling away on the Internet. Amazing the stuff that's out there. Some jealous fool has gone so far as to create a web page (see above) trying to fool life's winners, people like me, into thinking that their wins are hoaxes. I find that attitude quite sad and pathetic.

Not that I needed to, but I did actually finish off the Bundesliga ratings yesterday. The results weren't that great overall - of the big leagues, Germany was the worst for some reason hitting at an overall rate of 23.23%. It seems to be a league where anything can happen, and often does.

However, predicted draws in this league are actually hitting at a better than expected 35.38%, second only to the Premier League and its stellar 45.24%.

Tonights predicted results are all one goal wins - Hoffenheim, Bury and Rotherham with Bury being the best value at 2.09.

For tomorrow in the Premier League, Portsmouth v Stoke is predicted a draw, with two goal wins for Arsenal (v sunderland) and Chelsea (@ Wolves). One goal wins for Manchester United (@ Everton) and West Ham (v Hull City).

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Talkbet said...

Thats nothing Cassini, I'm off to Nigeria tomorrow to meet the current Miss World (she emailed totally out of the blue) and also collect my winnings in the Nigerian National State lottery of 5 million dollars. Amazing stroke of luck for one day.

On a side note. Its interesting your comments re the German League. It adds up to my powerstat findings in that they veer very much towards backing big priced away teams in a very much 'anything can happen' type way. The filters it uses are based on data from seasons gone by.

Good luck with the betting this weekend.