Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Oh Danny Boy

Not quite how I remember that Thursday night from almost 20 years ago, but the BBC is never wrong.

No mistake about tonight's result though, with Palace dominating Wolves from the start and benefiting to the tune of nearly 1/2 million much needed pounds. Danny Butterfield scores 7 goals in 252 matches, and then hits a perfect hat-trick in 6 minutes.

The Elo ratings weren't playing Cup games, and they had a mixed night in the League games that were played.

No winners in the 3 Premier League and Championship games, but it got better.

League One saw the games at Colchester United and Charlton Athletic finish spot on, with the correct result at Leyton Orient too, and in League Two the draw at Crewe Alexandra was spot on as was the Histon v York City draw in the Conference. Other than that, nothing to brag about. Chelsea underperformed, as did Celtic and Aberdeen.

Tomorrow sees Fulham (1.78) win by 2 over Portsmouth, and draws at Blackpool (3.6) and Annan Athletic (3.6+, market very thin).

And finally, this from a friend today:

Fabio Capello called Wayne Bridge to tell him that John Terry had lost the captain's armband. "You couldn't take a look under your bed for it could you?" asked Capello.

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