Saturday, 20 February 2010

Ski Jumping Winner - A Hard One

The Winter Olympics isn’t an event I care too much for, although some events are more exciting than others, but while I was looking at the contenders for the Large Hill Individual Ski Jumping Gold Medal today, I couldn’t resist going for A. Wank.

The unfortunately named competitor (commentator’s nightmare Andreas Wank from Germany) probably won’t win, with the Swiss Simon Ammann providing stiff opposition as the odds-on favourite, but how often is it that you get the chance to tell friends and family with a straight face that you were watching ski jumping, and went for A. Wank, ultimately coming up short due to a lack of length and poor style?

Rather like this childish post really.


3 F's said...

Where do you think he will come, Cassini?

Anonymous said...

Stiff opposition :)
I do find that your blog is informative and interesting and Yes i do enjoy your childish humour!

Anonymous said...

Stiff opposition :)

Forgot to say .... Keep it up :)