Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Elo Ratings Stay Hot

Colchester obliged last night with a win over Southend, and tonight’s Premier League results weren’t too shabby either.

Fulham obliged at 1.81 beating Burnley, and Manchester City at a tight 1.48 beat Bolton Wanderers as expected, but because they won by the predicted two goals, I had a nice bonus at 8.6 from 2-0 on the Correct Score market and I can take the loss on the 1-3 and Any Unquoted.

My typical betting style is lower price and frequent winners rather than higher prices but infrequent winners. Recently I’ve been getting the best of both worlds with frequent winners at higher prices!

And to round off a fantastic night, the predicted draws at Portsmouth (v Sunderland) and Wigan Athletic (v Stoke City) both came through at 3.4 each.

Roll on tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Let's see some screenshots then!

Unknown said...

screenshots of what? he has nothing to prove as all selections are mentioned the day before.

anyway keep up the good work, this blog has the potential to become legendary.

Do you list all the elo selections somewhere or only choose to tell us certain ones?

If you continue this hot will you start selling your selections?