Saturday, 11 December 2010


From the Wall Street Journal:

Nothing Betfair Group says at its maiden results on Tuesday is likely to end the controversy over its valuation. Seven weeks after its high-profile London-listing, shares in the U.K. betting group are trading below their £13 ($20.50) offer price. Analysts value the business at anywhere between £4.45 and £16 a share. Four out of five independent brokers rate the shares a "sell." One of the syndicate banks, Morgan Stanley, now warns that the price doesn't reflect the risks and recommends that investors wait for a better entry point. That is good advice.

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Scott said...

"Analysts value the business at anywhere between £4.45 and £16 a share"

Could they take any wider views on them? Shows there are just as many mugs getting paid to give investment advice as there as for sports betting advice in the daily rags!