Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Sunshine In December

Many thanks to Ben who patiently and clearly explained how backing at close to value can indeed reduce the Premium Charge for someone who is 'in the penalty' as they say in basketball. The strategy he outlines can certainly increase the bottom line, although if you are in and out of the Premium Charge zone, care needs to be exercised before employing this strategy. Of course, after all this, the Premium Charge didn't apply! Yet. I am on 20.06% now, down from 20.4% last week, which means that I'm probably just one decent win away.

No big win last night, when the Utah Jazz failed to come back from a nine point deficit. It seems they need to be down double-figures before they come back and win.

I did make some on the Monday Night Football games between Arsenal and Chelsea and later between the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints, and today's football was a winner with West Ham United v Everton finishing a draw at 3.45, although Fulham turned the form-book upside down to win at Stoke City. There's more football in a few minutes when the first NFL weather postponement in 80 years is re-scheduled for two days later. Philadelphie Eagles are very short v the Minnesota Vikings. A little too short methinks.

December is now my best month since January of 2009. Not just the most profitable but I am also the proud winner of Rob The Builders's Gambling Cos Building's Up The Spout Quiz. I believe first prize is a holiday for two to somewhere sunny, so I look forward to receiving my tickets and expense money in the near future.

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Rob The Builder. said...

I have an under-used pad in Staffordshire available for your summer vacation. The pre-pay meter is at the rear of the coal bunker, and the key's under the chicken coop. Oh, and you won't need spending money - there's no shop.