Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I'm not sure what the request in comment one from the last post for screenshots is all about since, as Bennee said in comment two, the selections were posted yesterday. And never-mind that a screenshot can be easily fudged these days, but regardless, a screenshot is included above for those who have trouble going back a post or two.

Bennee asked a couple of questions:

Do you list all the elo selections somewhere or only choose to tell us certain ones?
Right now I tend to just give the Premier League forecasts, since those are the games that have the highest profiles, and the most liquidity. When there's nothing at the top level, I sometimes dip down into the lower leagues, even as far down as Annan Athletic on occasion, and pick out a few that I think might be of interest.
If you continue this hot will you start selling your selections?
Someone else asked me that a few days ago. Sure! Send money. Lots of it. Now.


Pete Nordsted said...


Well done and some very impressive results. I am very interested in the draws these days and have had some good results backing against the big 4 sides. Interestingly in the games you have as draws I have as some value backing the away side and on 2 of the games slight value backing the draw. Where I would have normally gone draw no bet or +0.25 on the Asian Handicaps. I now just back the draw.
Well done on a brilliant blog

Anonymous said...

Why bother making your own ratings when very good ones are available here: -

Anonymous said...

Brilliant blog! The only thing missing was a few tips and you not only do that now, but youre actually very successful with them! And youre not asking anything in return, thats nice for a change. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

No evidence to suggest anybody is making any money here.

Rob The Builder. said...

To assist me in sending you money, could you email me your sort code and account number.

Rob The Nigerian Builder

Azzmovic said...

Why should there be evidence of people making money here? That's their business and not yours. Respect what is an excellent and refreshing blog.