Tuesday, 15 June 2010

England News

World Cup Update: Robert Green was subjected to a rigorous training session earlier today. He had over 500 shots fired at him, and didn't concede a single goal.

Tomorrow, Heskey and Green will be training with the rest of the squad.

In other news, Anonymous has taken to talking about himself in the third person!

He writes

“you seem a little obsessed with anonymous!!

I'd move on, take on board the valid points he makes and keep the blog positive.”
If you made any valid points, I would be glad to take them on board, but when you write nonsense like this: However, a lot of your methodology, your comments and so on are misleading to the average punter. I like to draw attention to these matters and then fail to give a single example of what you are talking about, isn’t that rather pointless and negative?
But you seem to think every anonymous is the same one.
If they are not the same, then can you explain why they are all using the same IP address in North Yorkshire? Is there a whole family of Anonymouses sharing the same PC?

Have some Wensleydale cheese, and stop posting negative comments that you are unable to support with facts. I'm all for free speech, but as you yourself said - keep the blog positive. Constructive criticism and comments by all means. Anonymous negativity - not wanted. Even if you do give me plenty to post about.

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brian bee said...

haha! someone got caught out!