Sunday, 13 June 2010

Wooden Spoon

Everyone knows the winners of the World Cups over the years, but what is less well known is that FIFA rank every team in the tournaments, and here are the last placed teams over the years.

1930 Mexico; 1934 USA; 1938 Dutch East Indies; 1950 Bolivia; 1954 South Korea; 1958 Mexico; 1962 Switzerland; 1966 Switzerland; 1970 El Salavador; 1974 Zaire; 1978 Mexico; 1982 El Salvador; 1986 Canada; 1990 United Arab Emirates; 1994 Greece; 1998 USA; 2002 Saudi Arabia; 2006 Serbia and Montenegro

2010 North Korea?

Five games in and no over 2.5 goals matches yet. The lowest ever average for a World Cup finals is 2.21 in Italy 1990 and 2.29 a game are needed in the remaining 59 matches to hit that mark. It should be noted that the average has dropped every tournament since 1994, although Robert Green is single-handedly (pun intended) trying to raise it.

What a nightmare for him, and for me. The future Mrs Cassini is American, and I have a feeling this game might be mentioned once or twice in the coming years. Still, it's an improvement on 1950 and we have yet to place last in a World Cup!

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